Meet the guy who can turn himself into any celebrity using makeup !

Paolo Ballesteros a television host from Philippines uses makeup to transform himself into different Hollywood celebrities.  His skills with the makeup brush are MIND BLOWING . With his excellent makeup skills, different wigs and coloured contacts, he can transform his looks into famous  celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Megan Fox.

Tyra Banks:


Kim Kardashian:

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This is what a $18,400 Flight From Singapore To New York looks like ! A totally new luxurious experience !

In 2008, the Singapore Airlines Suites led its class, luxurious class fly commercially available. The Suites are exclusively for their leading Airbus A380, and they go over flat beds offering enclosed private cabins with sliding doors in your own little cocoon of luxury circle. The interior is designed by French luxury … Continue reading

Shocking : ‘Super predator’ that devoured great white shark !

White shark

The cinematographer David Riggs might have just stumbled upon the discovery of his career : a new SUPER predator in the earth’s oceans??!! . He is involved in the first large scale tagging of the carnivore the Great White Shark. Sharks are marked with an electronic tag and the data … Continue reading